Sunday, 10 June 2012


Something happening suddenly..
It's about a friendship between my colleague and me.
She is suddenly dun feel like to talk to me and always show me her "black face"
I dunno what happened and feel so sad.

I ask my boy because he is one of her best friend.
My boy just answered me dunno and ask me dun care of it.
One week past, she is still the same.
Again, I ask my boy because I feel that he know the reason why she became like that.
He told me she ever sms him one night and told him she is unhappy because we in a relationship.

I am shock !! Really really shock !!
What the hell is this ??
What's the meaning by unhappy because we in a relationship ??
I am sad enough and getting mad at the same time ='(
Because she is already had a stable bf and she is the one give my h/p number to my to my boy at the begin.

I dunno how to face her after i knew the true.
I am start to dun talk to her also because I really dunno how to face her.
She dun talk to me, dun answer me, and always show me a "black face"
I dun feel I doing something wrong but why I am the one get treat like that ??
I am so unhappy and talkless..
My boy is sad when he saw me like that :'(
So he try to call her and ask her what do she want ..
It's getting the case going to worst ..
She can't accept why did my boy ask like that with unpolite tune ..

I dunno how and I start to ignore this case and also she ..
One day, she suddenly talk to me and I thought everything going normal again ..
But, I am wrong.
One night, she date my boy go out and have a drink through facebook,
My boy told her that I am beside him,
She has no reply at all.

The second day, my friend ask me out and said got something important need to tell me now.
I go and met her, my tears drop itself after i listen finish from her mouth.
She told me :
My colleague last night came out have a drink with few girls and she cry madly once she reach there.
She said I disturb his boy.
What The Fuck !!!!
I dun even know his boy even h/p number or facebook also dun have.
We are not friend also, I just met him once which is not enough 2 minutes !!

She is telling lie but i can't try to explain myself because i dunno act as a pity cat like her.
My boy ask me ignore her and dun care about a person like her.
Yes, I do.
Because i am also feel that she is abnormal at all.
I told this all to my mummy because i am feel stress and can't accept this all as fast.
My mummy ask me dun care about her and ask me resign.
I voice to my mummy and ask her why me ?
Why I am the person need to resign ? I din doing anything wrong.

Yes, I dun feel i doing wrong so i continue my job and treart her as transparent x.x
From Feb untill now this situation continuos ..
From heart, I really hope to know what is happening actually and hope everything going normal again.
I hope this day can come earlier.
Keni ♥ Ywan

Well ~
Ywan is in a relationship with his hubby ---  Keni
Almost five months we be together,
It's so much of happiness, sadness, blissful and also memorable.
We appreciate our love, our relationship,
We appreciate each other as well even through we fight untill full of tears.
We change our bad attitude because of each other, we try to understand each other,
Because we know this is the way for being longer.

P/S : Hope baby can be my love story's main character until The End


Has a very very very very very very X 100  long time i didn't update my bloggie
It is too many things happened in this few months ..
Happy .. Sad .. Disappointed .. Excited .. Upset .. Annoying ..
Too many and i thinking how to write it out as detail as possible >.<

Monday, 2 January 2012


只是太多的心事不知从何说起 (╯﹏╰)

能够驾驭我的,只能是我自己。 <---- 赞!!!
我不喜欢孤单一个人 ='(
(自己也不知道在等什么 (-____-) )
好快。。 又好慢。。
希望今年可以有我意想不到的事发生 (要开心的 ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Woootttssss ~
A long long time i have no update my bloggie =(
I was quite busy recently..

Let's talk about my Life~
Nothing Special -_-

Just went for the Bank's Training last week at KL.
Meet up with my dear Yman,her beloved and her friends =D
Meet up with Chen Quan too =]

It's was so pityful i can't meet up with dear Peng dear Jackiie dear Swee Jye dear Jeremy dear Banana and dear Eric everytime T^T

And after that dear Yman was come and visit my hometown with her beloved - Wu =D
I was accompany them and had a one day trip at here =)
Oh ya ..
We also had a "Free Dinner - BBQ' before that .. HaHa :D

Talking about my Job~
I was so stressful recently.. ='(
My manager was suggested me doing Sales >w<
Arrrrgghhhhh !!!!

I am thinking about it..
Just give me some time please .. my manager =]

Oooppsss ..
Upload some photos lastly ..
Hehehehe <3

Friday, 12 August 2011


Long time din update my bloggie
And also my latest photos.. =P

I had working at my new company - HSBC for 4 weeks..
Oh Yesss !!!
I can be teller next Monday =D Wooohooo !!!

I saw a handsome UK customer today.. =D
He is just older than me one year.. ( Lao Hao Suii =P )

Here are some pic taken just now.. (after dinner)
The latest Ywan

Friday, 5 August 2011

02/08/2011 >>>>  SHIT !!!!

WTF !!! >.<

9.00am ????????
SHIT la !!
Normally my working 8.45am -> 5.45pm

This day... I wake up at 9.00am -_-
This is because i am get sick these few days ='(

I direct call my manager ---- Anne >.<
She asked to slowly dun rush o.O

I rushing to there already 9.25am T^T
Luckily all my colleagues, my official and also my manager din blame on me =P

Cham la ..
Zou gong mm gao sam goh sing kei zao ci dou T^T
Matt sam cing dou mou saii -w-

Saturday, 30 July 2011

I have been two weeks working at HSBC..
Everything is going smooth..

Nothing SPECIAL..
Boring life.. </3

Tuesday, 26 July 2011

This is the second week that i have been working at here.. (HSBC)
20++ EXAMS i had taken during this few days >_<
GENG !!!

Moody .. Moody .. Moody ..

I am fucking down recently..
Feel like wanna cry at the night..

I miss you..
I miss my KL's friends much ='(

I need somebody else always side to me T^T
But when will i get the right ??

It's really been a long time i am in a single status..
I always face it alone..
I am sick with it..
Lame with it..

What to do..
When will the day come to me.. :c

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

I Had Been Long Time No Update My Blog ='(
I Have No Time Recently >.<


Wuuhuu !!
I had going for my KL Trip (before starting my new job) for two days =D
I had met up with an old friend on this night X.X.L :D
I wish to watch movie ga .. T.T but he had done all movie -_-
It's great to met up with u although it's boring Haha ..


This day i met up with my lovely bro Aki Yoh finally =D
I delayed my dating with Dear Yumi and had a great lunch with my bro :D
After that Yumi and her bf come and fetch me out lo =)
We r going to Mid Valley !! =]

We had buy nothing on that day because i love Yumi's handbag very much T.T
The bag is filling up in my brain x.x
We go to eat Sushi King around 7pm 

Those Kojadi Institute's college mates all become 747 !!!
Exception :- Swee Jye & BRJ 
Disappointed T.T


Back to Cameron luu ..
I was fxxking tired because i can't even sleep well this two night ='(
Start my new job tomorrow.. Stress >.<


Today is the first day of my new job as a banker..
Colleagues are nice and friendly..
I am just observe around today..nothing special..


This is the second day..
I need to read many notes T.T
It's same like my college's life !! WTF !!
Besides that, i need to face few examS ( coming soon) T.T
And also many forms , questions , etc need to answer and fill in T____T
I feel like return to my Exam's Life (sob) T______T